Task Retail Technology is a leading provider of enterprise centric point-of-sale software and services to a wide range of high profile retail chains and large venues.

Consensus Software Awards Winner




A globally scalable Electronic Point of Sale application suite which harnesses the power of the Internet to deliver real-time sales data, POS terminal management, interactive customer loyalty, in store merchandising and “queue busting” customer service via SMS messaging to almost any type of retail outlet.


The Business Advantage


Nimble retailers require timely sales information and the ability to react instantly to what is happening in the business. Xchangexec provides retailers with a suite of tools that greatly enhances and speeds control of their POS environment whilst decreasing their IT costs. Intelligent voucher printing, in-store merchandising at the point of sale and strategic customer centric product offers are proven to increase sales by up to 12%. The mobile phone is the electronic tool of choice for almost 50 % of the world’s population and SMS food and beverage ordering is already proven to increase order size by as much as 27% as well as providing an additional increase in revenue from customers who would not normally wait in a queue.


For larger retailers an important feature is Xchangexec’s ability to manage multiple retail chains, along with their product lines and POS configurations. This is especially relevant in today's retail market - where business ownership is undergoing a great deal of consolidation. Easy integration with existing applications such as Inventory Management, CRM  and  Supply Chain reduces expenditure,  speeds application installation time and provides a superior ROI.


Breaking New Ground

The live, interactive view of the entire POS estate provided by Xchangeglobal is unique in the industry. Covering all connected POS peripherals in addition to the POS terminal, support time spent on store-based issues is dramatically cut. IT support staff can identify and rectify issues much faster without the frustrating and lengthy interrogation of non-IT savvy staff within the store. On-site support cost can be dramatically cut; store customers are happier and suffer far less equipment downtime.

Earth Shrinking Potential

The ability to configure and manage retail POS operations anywhere in the world from a central point is of huge importance to many of today’s rapidly growing retail businesses, particularly Franchise chains who, more than ever, are successfully expanding offshore or across borders. These businesses typically have small in house IT teams or non at all, having to outsource their IT at great expense. Xchangexec makes managing a large POS estate exceptionally easy.

Expanding User Horizons

Aside from the instant availability of pertinent, real-time sales data at the POS terminal, additional information and services can be easily delivered to the end users in store. Training videos, e-learning courses, inter store and Head Office messaging, compliance i.e. Food Handling Certification etc can all be delivered over the standard POS infrastructure and run at the POS terminal.

New Business/Service Delivery


Delivered through a SAAS model, Xchangeglobal is fully hosted on high performance servers situated in a secure, state of the art data center in Ultimo, Sydney. In Australia and other ASEAN countries, Pacnet provides our business grade IP services and Task’s private network sits directly on their high-speed core. Failover servers ensure that clients’ retail operations are fault tolerant. Store POS terminals continue to make sales normally during any interruption of the Internet service, simply buffering transactions until back on line. Reconnection and synchronization with HO Servers is automatic and no transactions can be lost.


On-site software support becomes a thing of the past since the embedded O/S cannot be reached by the operators and the actual POS application, xchangepoint, including all terminal specific information can be remotely downloaded from the central server to the terminal, in a matter of seconds.


New Technology


Xchangexec has embedded, as standard, many technologies that are normally expensive third party applications or have not previously existed.


Fully integrated SMS Messaging for both Retail Customers and Management.


A unique feature of Xchangepoint is the ability to support Touch Screen Kitchen Order Video Screens without additional PC's or Bump Controllers, thus dramatically cutting on-site complexity, hardware cost and associated maintenance cost.


Multiple large format LCD displays, which are becoming ever more popular with retailers, can be connected to a single POS terminal with support for multiple full motion video streams. This saves the retailer a huge amount of money in the infrastructure cost normally associated with this type of in-store merchandising.


A comprehensive range of USB connected peripherals are supported. The USB interface provides advanced monitoring and diagnostics of attached peripherals not found in other systems, most of which are still using serial devices and legacy OPOS drivers. All devices are “plug and play” through any USB port, requiring no drivers. This enables simpler installation and remote fault diagnosis.


Empowerment Of Users

The value derived from the ability to easily configure and support massive numbers of POS terminals around the globe from a central location, whilst distributing the workload across the enterprise if required, cannot be understated. The availability of real-time sales data both consolidated or at transaction level, to all stakeholders in the business empowers management users to make the right decisions, at the right time and to take affirmative action instantly. Store-front users are not neglected and if allowed by the administrator can make POS configuration changes such as Screen Menu Design, Passwords, Add/ Remove Sales Clerks, Edit Products and Pricing directly at the POS terminal. All changes are instantly synchronised with the central server. Changes can, if the system is configured to do so, affect multiple terminals or terminal groups.

Exception Reporting

Configurable down to individual terminal or sales associate, exceptions can cover any type of transaction made at the terminal i.e. No Sales, Credit Sales, Discounting etc. When an exception is triggered the system immediately sends a report via email and/or SMS message to the relevant supervisory staff. Instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for data mining software, which looks at historical data only, management are now instantly informed when a breach of store guidelines has occurred.



Stores are connected to the internet via TRT’s low cost Business Grade private IP network. A Service Level Agreement guarantees better than 99.9% availability. Processing of sales at the POS cannot be interrupted by loss of Internet services. Normal sales functionality is preserved because Xchangepoint, the POS application, is resident on the POS devices in the store. In the rare event that the POS application itself is damaged, then reloading the entire application, including all local settings such as Pricing, Keypad, Receipt layout, Specials, Combo’s, Meal Deals, Password settings, Clerks (Sales Associates) etc can be achieved in matter of seconds from the secure, central server.


In Australia, Xchangeglobal, the management module is hosted on enterprise servers running directly on Pacnet’s high-speed core. These Servers are co-located in a secure, Tier 1 data centre in Sydney, operated by Global Switch. See  Fully automated backups plus failover servers ensure data integrity and business continuity are always maintained.


Enterprise Quality System


Build on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 platform, Xchangexec provides almost unlimited expansion, with a maximum database size of 1,048,516 Terabytes.  Xchangexec is “back office agnostic” allowing easy integration with a Clients back office applications of choice.  Xchangeglobal can be configured to deliver real time, transaction based, sales data to virtually any back office application including; CRM, ERP, Inventory Control and Manufacturing.


Xchangeglobal is a powerful, flexible configuration and management tool for Xchangepoint.  It allows the rapid configuration and deployment of remote touch POS terminals right across the enterprise.  Furthermore, it delivers high-speed, transactional, real time sales processing, from all POS terminals, directly into your database of choice.


POS terminal configuration, including Meal Deals, Combo’s, Member VIP Pricing and a myriad of other merchandising “rules” can all be swiftly configured and deployed to a single POS terminal, an entire store, a region or across an entire enterprise, numbering 1000’s of terminals – in seconds.


Enthusiastic Customer Support


The infrastructure live view, allows the administration or support staff to view an interactive display of the entire POS estate, including the live status of each terminal and it’s attached peripherals such as Scanner, Printer, Cash Drawer etc. provides instant feedback of any issues at the POS.  Advanced design allows 1000’s of stores to be quickly configured.


Standards And Codes Compliance


Developed on the Microsoft .Net framework, Xchangexec is a Microsoft Certified application.


Exceptional Product Support


Xchangexec is self aware; any system fault is instantaneously logged and transmitted with full details to the software development/support team.


Task Retail Technology’s global technology partner, NCR Corporation provides staging, implementation services and maintenance/support services in more than 35 countries. Across Australia and New Zealand, NCR has 74 points of presence, staffed by more than 240 field engineers. Our technology partners include Microsoft, Cisco, Pacnet and NCR Corporation.


Successful Beta Testing


The beta release of the Xchangexec – code named “swift” was successfully deployed across forty (40) cigarette stores within Australia. The current version is Microsoft Platform certified and Task Retail Technology Pty Ltd is a certified Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV).


Real User Benefits


Because the industry we deliver to employ’s casual, part time and full time staff training at point of sale can be very timely and expensive for the business.  Xchangepoint is designed by the business and incorporates easy to use touch screen technology with graphic buttons that are intuitive for even the most novice user.  Additionally, the ability to put on a “promotion” in minutes and see the immediate results has given our users the benefit of affecting sales real-time.


Sets New Industry Benchmarks


Advanced compression routines and the ability to maximise web services allow Xchangeglobal to update POS terminals in a fraction of the time taken by competing products. Typically, a comprehensive product update comprising 4,500 items, each with 15 price levels), takes approximately 4.9 seconds and is transparent to the sales clerk operating the terminal.  We believe Xchangexec to be faster than any competing product in the marketplace.


Government Or Other Agency Support


Development of the Xchangexec suite has been funded from within the existing business. Task Retail Technology is a successful POS vendor with clients Australia wide. Task Retail was the Number one reseller for Quest Retail Technology Pty Ltd in 2005 and 2006.


Designed For International Use


Xchangexec can support multi language, multi currency and can be remotely installed and configured in any location that has an Internet connection.


Enterprise Structured For Growth


Xchangexec is developed in the .Net environment, runs on Microsoft SQL Server and uses Microsoft’s SQL data base platform allowing almost unlimited expansion across any enterprise. Advanced web Services allow the product to be “Back Office Agnostic”. Real-time, error checked, transaction level data can be streamed to the clients applications of choice including but not limited to; CRM, Inventory Management and Supply Chain regardless of whether the client is running on Microsoft SQL, Oracle or SAP platforms.


Identified Potential Markets


Task Retail have already identified Franchised Retail Chains, particularly Fast Food and Quick service Restaurants, Stadiums/Arenas, Racetracks, large Retail Chains, and “Badge” Convenience Stores operating under a central buying group as the prime market for the product.


The second stage of development will greatly expand the market for xchangexec as it will allow smaller retailers to take advantage of the power of the application suite. By licensing Xchangexec under the SAAS model and with the provision of a “Tenanted” version running on a shared server, a minimum of one hundred retail outlets can be supported extremely cost effectively.


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