Task Retail Technology is a leading provider of enterprise centric point-of-sale software and services to a wide range of high profile retail chains and large venues.

Management Team

Kym Houden (Executive Chairman and Founder)

As the Executive Chairman and Founder of Task Retail Technology, Kym started Task Retail Technology in 2000 to capitalize on the deficiencies he identified in many Point of Sale (POS) systems on the market at that time. Thirteen years later Task Retail Technology has achieved great success in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.  

Leveraging his 40 years of experience in the POS hospitality and retail business, Kym has Task Retail well positioned for future international growth.

Jennifer Houden (Director)

Jennifer plays an instrumental role with staff and in the company’s culture. Jennifer has been with Task Retail Technology since its inception and has influenced high level business direction from day one.  Jennifer’s directive role has ensured Task Retail Technology’s success and maintains the company’s focus on business growth and expansion. 

Jennifer’s operational roles include staff management, accounts management, business management and direction and her contribution is highly regarded at the core of its operations.                          

Daniel Houden (Chief Executive Officer)

Daniel initially developed the company’s award winning xchangexec suite of POS software products as Task Retail Technology’s CTO and was instrumental in the company’s shift from being a reseller to being a software company. This shift and innovation was the driving force for much of Task Retail Technology’s rapid growth and success.  

Daniel's understanding of the business, marketplace and product is second to none.  With global expansion plans and new products soon to be launched the company is set to yet again take the industry by storm. Daniel is committed to driving the business forward and to ensure Task Retail Technology continues to deliver industry leading products to its ever growing customer base. 

Dean Houden (Chief Marketing Officer)

Dean is the creative director of the company’s multi-award winning xchangexec suite of POS software products. 

Dean is also closely aligned to the company’s innovation and technology direction through new software platforms and product developments.

Throughout his progression within the company, Dean has helped Task Retail Technology enter different market segments with tailored product offerings. Dean is yet again positioning TRT for further growth via digital media, interactive touch screen technology and consumer facing applications. 

Joanne Wright (Project Manager - Australia)

Joanne Wright has been associated with Task Retail Technology from its inception with over 10 years of service as Project Manager and also fulfills the role of Training Facilitator.                          

Joanne’s roles encompass the company’s in-house and client training requirements together with project management. She has implemented and integrated some of TRT’s largest sites, ranging from QSR to Casino venues and assists with the management and delivery of each client’s specific requirements.                          

Prior to joining TRT Joanne held management positions in the Retail and Airline sectors.  

Jonathon Sellers (Vice President, North American Operations)

Jonathon Sellers is an industry veteran, with more than 10 years experience in the Food Service Information Technology industry.   

Prior to joining Task Retail Technology, Jonathon was the Director of Software Solutions at Par Technology, Inc.  He previously was Applications Portfolio Manager at  the Ministry of Social Development (New Zealand), Director of Information Technology at Bari Management and served as the Business Applications Manager for Luby’s. He also served in business management roles with Great Circle Family Foods and Texas Land & Cattle early in his career.     

Jonathon's contributions to food service information technology have earned him awards from the National Restaurant Association (FSTech) and Multiunit Foodservice Organization (MUFSO).

Owen Scott (National Sales Manager - Australia)

Owen's wealth of experience in the POS industry, hospitality sector and journalism stands him apart in his role as National Sales Manager. 


Owen joined Task Retail Technology in January 2010 and has utilized over a decade of experience, particularly in the QSR and Club sectors, to expand Task Retail Technology's growth and customer base.        


Prior to joining Task Retail Technology, Owen managed several hospitality venues in Sydney before turning his hand to technology, working at Barmetrix, Riteq and Micros Fidelio Australia for over a decade.  

Shaun Tomlinson (Product Manager - Australia)
In his role as Product Manager, Shaun is responsible for driving Task Retail Technology’s award winning xchangexec suite of software. Working closely with support, QA, development, account management, sales and marketing, Shaun is across all facets of the products development requirements and is vital in ensuring it is delivered accordingly.               

Prior to his current role, Shaun was instrumental in the company’s Technical Support, Quality Assurance and Database Development functions. Shaun’s vast product knowledge, dedication to providing innovative solutions and knowledge in product support has enabled him to be outstanding in his current position.  

With over 10 years experience in the POS industry, Shaun has driven xchangexec through its progression to an industry leading software solution.

Tristan Medway (Subject Matter Expert - Australia)

Tristan has over 10 years experience in the POS industry and has been a vital asset to Task Retail Technology since its inception.  

Prior to his current role, Tristan grew with the business covering all facets of technical support, product repairs, stock management, installations, quality assurance and account management. Tristan’s product knowledge, commitment to organisational growth and experience with customers has assisted his passion to deliver outstanding technical support and quality assurance.


As a Subject Matter Expert, Tristan helps to implement product deliverables and enhance our customer’s user experience by utilizing his expertise and product knowledge, working with the sales team, development and support teams to deliver on specific customer requirements    


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© Task Retail Technology Pty. Ltd. 2012