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Big Brands update POS


RFG is the franchisor and intellectual property owner of four of Australia’s and New Zealand’s best known food brands – Donut King, Michel’s Patisserie, Brumby’s Bakery and bb’s Café.  All four franchise systems are included in the roll-out, which is well underway and advancing at the rate of 20 stores a week.

The solution integrates NCR’s RealPOS™ touch-screen terminals with Task Retail Technology’s xchangexec™ software, a suite of globally scalable modules designed to improve the customer experience through interactive loyalty promotions and queue-busting food ordering via SMS.


Xchangexec also enables RFG and its franchisees to benefit from real-time internet-based reporting, delivered online or by SMS, giving full and immediate visibility of an outlet’s – or the whole network’s – sales performance.


Retail Food Group Chief Executive Officer, Tony Alford, told Chilli source, “The new point-of-sale solution from Task Retail and NCR promises exceptionally convenient and efficient service to customers of all four of our franchise systems.  The integrated loyalty program capability means RFG’s customers can enjoy and maximize value benefits from tailor-made promotions and coupons that are delivered directly to the customer at the point of sale.


“From a business perspective, dynamic marketing and customized product offerings increase up-sell and cross promotional opportunities at the point of sale, while innovations like text-message ordering encourage customer patronage from those customers who do not normally choose to wait and who demand speed of service.”


Each point of sale promotion or coupon can be derived from a customer’s VIP loyalty-card profile or the make-up of the individual order.  Alternatively, it can be a more generic incentive for a particular store, or indeed, the entire network of outlets.  This versatility increases the opportunity for franchisees to up-sell and cross-promote a broader range of products to every customer.


Task Retail’s xchangesms module provides mobile-phone convenience.  Time-poor consumers can beat the queues by texting their order ahead.  An SMS confirmation is sent back with an estimate of when the order will be ready for pick-up.


For the business owner, xchangesms can deliver real-time sales data, whether it be for a single store, a franchise brand network, a whole country or, indeed, for the global enterprise.


Store or regional managers can benefit from xchangesms security alerts sent to their mobile phones, such as: “Four no-sales recorded in past ten minutes, Clerk 5122”.


Kym Houden, managing director of Task Retail Technology, said: “The xchangexec suite is a truly scalable solution and will enable RFG to reap the benefits as their franchise systems continue to grow.  


We chose NCR RealPOS as our hardware platform because it is proven in even the most demanding retail environments.  And of course, NCR’s service and support strength has made it a global leader in POS for many years.”


In January, Foodco Group, owner of franchise brands Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue, began implementing the RealPOS/xchangexec solution across its 220-plus outlets, including a number in China.


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