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Task Retail's POS hits the spot


After the wireless networking had been installed, the Mounties Group rolled out a new point-of-sale (POS) system by Task Retail Technologies, which runs on the PDA’s.  Task Retail’s database also lets staff perform stocktakes using the PDA’s barcode scanners. The vendor carries out installation, integration and support itself.

 Mount Pritchards’s - Mounties’  IT manager Frank Raffoul says the system has exceeded expectations.


A direct-selling vendor impressed this hospitality group for integration, power and ease of use.


“Task Retail?  Best system on the market.  I’m not making any excuses, they are just fantastic”, he says. The system is built on the Microsoft platform and has extensive reporting capabilities and an easy to use interface.  The Task Manager application controls inventory management, cash management and staff costs, helping to detect problems such as loss and wastage.


Wastage at the Mounties Club is just 0.6 percent per employee compared with an industry average of 4.0 percent.


Raffoul says the club had tried two or three vendors in the past but the difference was “chalk and cheese”.


“I believe Task will take over the club industry in a big way. Their product is so superior”, says Raffoul.   “We have a gaming system which needed to be integrated with, so we can provide loyalty to members and Task delivered all that”.


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© Task Retail Technology Pty. Ltd. 2012