Task Retail Technology is a leading provider of enterprise centric point-of-sale software and services to a wide range of high profile retail chains and large venues.

Kym Houden, 2010 Dell Take Your Own Path Hero

The TYOP Concept


It takes an extraordinary person to launch and grow a business. Michael Dell is that kind of visionary. He saw an opportunity to make technology more accessible to people and organizations around the world and revolutionized an industry. Michael is just one of the many achievers who dared to take his own path with a view of how technology could enable human potential everywhere.


Building on this heritage and recognizing the unique challenges and rocky journeys entrepreneurs can face led to the inception of Dell’s Take Your Own Path (TYOP) campaign — Dell’s first, truly global marketing campaign. Partnering with Intel, the Take Your Own Path campaign tells the stories of pioneering entrepreneurs like Michael — whom Dell calls heroes. Dell is showcasing our success, to demonstrate how small and medium businesses can leverage technology strategies to grow, better serve their customers, and increase productivity and efficiency. Dell believes that the success of its customers equals the success of Dell.

Incorporated in 2000, Task Retail Technology has grown to be one of Australia’s leading point-of-sale (POS) software developers, supplying turnkey retail POS systems to a wide range of high-profile hospitality, franchise chains, retail outlets, stadiums and large venues. A strong focus on customer service, adding value and technology innovation has fueled this growth. Driven by a lack of functionality and scalability of software in the market, Task Retail Technology commenced development of the Xchangexec™ software suite in 2006. As a highly successful and experienced value-added reseller, Task Retail saw the need to take advantage of the new wave of emerging Web centric technologies, mainly to address market demand for an affordable, stable and easy way to deploy and manage very large numbers of POS terminals across widely dispersed retail enterprises. Xchangexec is the culmination of those efforts, a globally scalable, retail POS application with a securely hosted management suite. The application harnesses the power of the Internet to deliver real time sales data, centralized POS terminal management, interactive customer loyalty, SMS ordering and electronic menu boards to any retail enterprise or large entertainment venue.


Kym Houden has been in the POS technology business for over 25 years, and in 2000 he decided to make the jump and start his own business (initially run out of his house) to capitalize on the deficiencies he saw in many of the POS systems on the market at the time. Task has achieved great success in its first ten years — achieving 100 percent growth year after year.


Built on his father's philosophy — “Believe in yourself because if you don’t, no one else will” — Kym has his company poised for international growth.


All of the data that passes across Task Retail’s systems and networks is very sensitive to its customers. Data security is not an option — it is a must have. That said, Task Retail’s customers need to know that their data is safe but also accessible.


What’s the cost of a critical loss of data or experiencing a network outage? Depending on the incident and its severity, it could easily range from a week’s revenue to the loss of your entire business. The right IT infrastructure from Dell provides real protections that help you avoid disaster. Dell PowerEdge Servers based on the Intel Xeon Processor 5600 Series leverage Intel’s leading technologies to establish superior protection and reliability.


“We need the ability to be able to make sure that our customers' data is not compromised in any way whatsoever, so we chose Dell for the best technology and that’s what we deliver. The peace of mind knowing that it is backed up by Dell servers and then RAID 5 technology means that we will never have an issue whereby data loss has happened.”

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© Task Retail Technology Pty. Ltd. 2012