Wireless stock take

xchangeview allows users to roam throughout the venue receiving and transferring stock in real time while preforming stock takes via a light weight hand held device. The unique configuration allows users to instantly update stock levels back to the xchangexec suite.


Snoop live transactions

Become a wireless secret shopper and snoop live transactions. xchangeview allows users to connect to any terminal on the network and view operator key presses while displaying the sale totals and purchased product list to increase loss prevention.


View reports wirelessly

Review real time KPI's via xchangeview's hand held reporting tool. With a wide range of reports available, users can review sales, stock, sales operator information and more on all, a group, or individual terminals keeping key staff educated on the fly. 


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© Task Retail Technology Pty. Ltd. 2012
© Task Retail Technology Pty. Ltd. 2012