Unique architecture

xchangexec has a one of a kind architecture that allows users to manage their business from all over the world. Utilizing Microsoft's latest technologies, xchangexec is broken into seven industry specific software models designed with the user in mind.   


In the cloud

xchangexec is a truly cloud based POS system. Users no longer need a local server in store for POS reporting and management. xchangexec has complex web based systems that handle everything from POS data changes to digital menus and marketing panels.


Focused on innovation

xchangexec was built using the latest technologies and was born out of the lack of innovation in the POS industry in its entirety. The already proven and successful model of xchangexec is constantly evolving its offerings with its out of the box thinking.                   


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© Task Retail Technology Pty. Ltd. 2012
© Task Retail Technology Pty. Ltd. 2012