Brand Launch

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Client: Burger Boss

Project: Innovative Brand launch

Burger Boss

Burger Boss is bringing back the great American burger that was lost in fast food, with honest ingredients and the freedom to be your own boss. You create the burger you want to eat, because you know what you like best. We believe Cows should eat grass and poultry should be cage-less like nature intended. No Growth Hormones. No antibiotics. No filler. Produce should be grown locally. Why add to the carbon footprint? Just a delicious burger that uses only grass fed, natural, goodness. That’s what burger lovers deserve.

The Challenge

Create a unique customer experience that encompasses technology and innovation both inside and outside the restaurant whilst embracing the brands ethos.

Creative Services

Self-Service Kiosk

Custom Website Build


One of a kind self-service kiosk & full deployment of POS

Creative Services

TASK / CREATIVE workshopped internally and with burger boss around industry trends until we found the perfect balance between technology and customer experience, being custom self-service kiosk and website.

Self-Service Kiosk

TASK / CREATIVE and our in house development team collaborated to come up with a custom built the user interface and user experience. This included something never seen before - a visual representation of the burger being built as the customer created it.

Custom Website Build

Creating consistency with the instore technology, we wanted to replicate the burger being built and the process online – as a result we used parallax HTML5 to show the burger being built as the user scrolled down the page.


Burger boss have a unique brand and looked for a technology company that could enhance the customer experience both instore and out. They believe their model is the way of the future for QSR and wanted one company to provide a turnkey solution. The result was the engagement of Task Retail Technology, xchangexec and the TASK / CREATIVE team. The partnership between software and creative, combining the two sides of the brain ­ logic and creativity ­ allowed us to enable unique technologies and experiences at the enterprise and consumer level.

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