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Client: Honeygrow

Project: One of a kind self service kiosk


honeygrow is a Philly-born, fast-casual eatery serving premium made-to-order stir-fry, salads, kale’atta + honeybars. We’re all about thinking different about our approach, our style and our people. For us, it’s about eating honestly and spending time doing what matters: from visiting the farms to whipping up sauces and dressings in-house. You won’t find a freezer here and there’s no question as to the origin of your stir-fry, salad, smoothie or honeybar. We buy as local as possible simply because it tastes better—end of story.

The Challenge

How do you create a way for consumers to create their own stir-fry and salads, and provide a outstanding customer experience? The self service kiosks needed to prioritize ease of use for users, educate them on the diverse product offering, and enable them to create your own order in any facet, all from a self service kiosk.

Creative Services

Custom UI / UX

Seamless Integration

The Result

A custom built user interface, coupled with a innovate create your own order flow combining software and creative resulting in a self service kiosk like no other.

Industry first customer experience
Industry first customer experience


Partnering with a large New York based digital agency, TASK / CREATIVE workshopped through wireframe design to create a industry leading customer workflow ensuring that the customer experience was priority, desired experience outcome.


Once the workflow wireframe design was complete, TASK / CREATIVE initiated the custom build of user interface and user experience with our in­-house development team. The custom development included location based content, shopping cart integration, touch based animation, order time­out implementation.


Leveraging our cloud based enterprise “xchangexec” suite of software, TASK / CREATIVE where able to make rapid development efforts, with the self service kiosk being integrated at every touch point. Product prices, product images, payment devices such as Apple Pay TM and credit card, kitchen printing, store specific content etc were all delivered from the company.


honeygrow searched far and wide for a company that could meet their unique requirements, at the level they would expect, to provide their consumers with a experience unseen before in the QSR segment. The result was the engagement of Task Retail Technology, xchangexec and the TASK / CREATIVE team. The partnership between software and creative, combining the two sides of the brain ­ logic and creativity ­ allowed us to enable unique technologies and experiences at the enterprise and consumer level.

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