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Client: Zambrero

Project: Donation Engine


Zambrero is a Quick Service Restaurant that sells healthy Mexican food to support humanitarian projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Since being formed in 2005 by Dr. Sam Prince, millions of meals have been provided to those living in poverty around the world through the Plate 4 Plate initiative.

Plate 4 Plate is Zambrero’s way of providing food to those in need. For every burrito or bowl purchased at Zambrero, a meal is donated through distribution partner Stop Hunger Now, which distributes food to those in the developing world.


Build a transactional based donation engine allowing customers to donate meals to Stop Hunger Now, which distributes food to those in the developing world. Allow customers select the country to donate to at the point of purchase and display the amount of meals donated around the world..

Creative Services

Custom UI / UX

Seemless Integration


A custom built user interface leveraging touch screen customer displays, allows guests to select the country they want to donate to after the transaction.

Custom development with integrated technologies
Custom development with integrated technologies


Leveraging a custom design from the Zambrero team, TASK / CREATIVE engineered a workflow that allowed customers to interactive with the brands Plate For Plate initiative improving customer visibility of the program, displaying donated total on the customer display, in-store digital signage and even real time integration to the brand website.


Once the workflow wireframe design was complete, TASK / CREATIVE initiated the custom build of user interface and user experience with our in-house development team. The custom development included user selection of country, transaction and touch reporting, selected country tracking and real time dynamic donation number.


Leveraging our cloud based enterprise “xchangexec” suite of software, TASK / CREATIVE where able to make rapid development efforts, with the donation engine being integrated with the touch customer display, in-store digital signage, brand website and our reporting suite all engineered, tested and delivered from the company.


Zambrero wanted to find a way to educate customers on their amazing charity efforts in a way that leveraged technology, introduced innovation and created a focal point at the point of purchase for customers to interact.

The partnership between software and creative, combining the two sides of the brain - logic and creativity - allowed us to enable unique technologies and experiences at the enterprise and consumer level.

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